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Immobiliser (Transponder)

Immobiliser problems are quite common in modern cars and motorcycles. At Autotronics we have the knowledge and expertise to successfully repair immobiliser units, offering an affordable and professional service.

If your vehicle is not starting because of immobiliser issues or if you receive any fault code or error message on the dashboard pointing to immobiliser problems, buy our exclusive immobiliser repair service and send us your unit. Our engineers will check it and fix it for you.

Listed at the same price, and linked to the previous service, we can also provide an additional transponder decoding and replacement key service. With this service, we can decode a new transponder chip from your immobiliser box, in case this chip is gone faulty or completely missing.

If you already have a key for your car, van, truck or motorbike, we can cut a new blade from it at no extra cost, so that you will have a spare non-remote key for your vehicle. Alternatively, if it’s a lost key situation and you don’t have any keys with you at all, we can produce a replacement key (again, non-remote) by extracting the information from both the immobiliser box and the door or ignition barrel; our engineers will cut the blade from the barrel and will decode the transponder chip from the immobiliser.

This replacement key can be used as a spare key or as the main key, and it will obviously start the vehicle. Nonetheless, it’s good to note that the key will only operate central locking manually, so it won’t have remote functions on it, i.e. no remote central locking.