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Remote Key Fob Repair

Our remote key fob repair service is a great cost-saving alternative to bringing your broken car key to the dealership. They will just suggest to replace your existing remote with a new one, which will cost you a huge amount of money indeed.

Our repair service will not only save you money but also time, as the dealership’s waiting times can be exasperating sometimes. With a professional and fast repair service, Autotronics is your best option for sorting out any remote key related issues in your car, van, truck or any other vehicle.

There are very few remotes that our engineers cannot repair, whether it is a problem with the outer casing, the buttons, the switches, the circuit board or any other internal component. The level of knowledge and expertise on this kind of repairs give us a clear advantage over the rest of our competitors on the remote key repair business.

We always offer a warranty with our key repairs, something that not all of our competitors can claim. And if you need a new casing for your broken remote, we will also supply one for a very affordable price. We also offer a key cutting service, if that’s also required.