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ECU Tuning / Remapping Service

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Our ECU tuning service will improve your vehicle's performance, giving you more horsepower and torque, and lower fuel consumption. Best ECU remapping.

ECU Tuning / Remapping Service

More power. Better drivability. Faster overtaking. Less fuel consumption. This, and much more, can be achieved with our superior ECU tuning solutions.

At Autotronics we are experts in ECU reprogramming. Our customised remaps will improve your engine’s capabilities in every possible way, from horsepower to torque to fuel usage. With a vast experience in the industry, you can be certain that all our remapping solutions are customised and in compliance with the manufacturer’s safety margins.

What are the main advantages of using a remapped engine ECU?

Depending on your specific needs, we can provide one of the following advantages, or a mix of them:

  • More horsepower.
  • Increased torque.
  • Less fuel consumption.

What should I expect to experience after the ECU remapping has been performed?

  • Faster acceleration.
  • Safer overtaking.
  • More accurate throttle response.
  • Better driving experience.
  • Save in fuel consumption.

What kind of warranties would I have using your tuning services?

  • Customised chip files.
  • MAHA dynamometer tested.
  • Results within safety margins.
  • Autotronics exclusive warranty.

Are there any other services you can provided related to ECU files?

Yes, we can offer a wide array of services that involves ECU tweaking, such as:

  • DPF Removal: An alternative to DPF cleaning in certain countries.
  • EGR Removal: A simple method to increase the engine’s effiency.
  • AdBlue Removal: Helps save fuel and get rid of SCR problems. Check local legislation.
  • MAF Removal: Disabling the MAF sensor will prevent it from damaging your engine.
  • VMAX Removal: Get faster speeds by removing this limiter.
  • Flaps Removal: Deactivating flaps’ function will solve obstructed flats issues.
  • Start/Stop Removal: If you want to remove this function, we can do it electronically.
  • Hotstart Fix: Allow the engine to start even when hot with a new hotstart map.

Will my manufacturer’s warranty be affected? What about the MOT?

Our ECU tuning service should not affect your MOT results, as it’s always in compliance with the strictest safety margins. Other ECU-related services, such as DPF removal or AdBlue removal, can have a negative impact on your MOT test; please check with your local authorities.

As for the implications on the manufacturer’s warranty, it all depends on your specific warranty statement, so please check with your main dealership or manufacturer’s customer service to make sure a remapped ECU does not void your warranty.

Do you offer any kind of warranty in your repairs?

Yes, our ECU tuning services are covered with a warranty, so that you can be reassured that you are choosing a trusted company. Please check our Terms and Conditions for more information.


ECU Tuning / Remapping


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Tuning Process

Have your ECU professionally tuned. It's easy as 1-2-3!

1. Buy this tuning service online

2. Send your ECU to our address*

3. We'll promptly remap and return your ECU

* If you are an international customer, we'll pick them up from you



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