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Airbag Crash Data Reset

If your vehicle has been involved in an accident, you would have received a flashing light on your dashboard indicating something is wrong with the airbag module. Even if you change the mechanical parts involved (airbags themselves and seat tensioners), the airbag or SRS light on your instrument cluster won’t go off until the airbag ECU is replaced or properly reset.

Some years ago, the only solution when the airbag module detected a crash was to replace the whole unit, at a very expensive cost for the customer. Thankfully, Autotronics can offer an alternative for that which consists on removing the crash data from the airbag ECU, so that all these problems go away.

You will obviously still need to have the other parts involved verified and, if necessary, replaced by a qualified technician. But neither them nor main dealerships will not able to reset your airbag module. So, for the electronics part of the work your best alternative is Autotronics. We have been resetting airbags for a very long time now, so we can offer a professional and quick service.